Chaberton Winery

The Vineria Chaberton... a magical place... where the most refined palates meet the tastes, aromas and harmonies of the flavours that bloom in our mouth every time we sip a glass of this precious and unique nectar.

Wine has been present both on the altars and on the tables of humanity for millennia. The longevity of this product, as well as the consumption (never trivial), makes it an integral part of the popular culture: wine was always used in the kitchen but also in religious rituals.
Another interesting fact is the democracy of wine that, as the fruit of the earth, it is given both to the humblest people but also to the nobler ones who, over the millennia, have elevated it to myth and legend.

First of all, it is important to know its history and its origins, the places where it was born, the lands that generated it and the men who produced it.
Then it was essential to understand where the soil and the climate were particularly favourable to allow low yields of grapes to produce quality wines.
But all this would be useless if it wasn’t for the tradition and the experience that provides us with the reference points from which we can evolve with innovation and imagination.
Well, men remain the protagonists of wine's production and the rhythm of work remains artisanal, conditioned by nature, by weather, uses and tastes.
We are heartened to learn that wine is never casual or banal, wine is always the values bearer of the culture’s tastes: wine is civilization.

At Vineria Chaberton, you can taste white and red wines, local, Italian, foreign, but also sparkling Italian and foreign bubbles, all combined with small savoury snacks strictly produced by the expert hands of our chef, or a cold meats and cheeses platter, for an aperitif or a moment of fun with friends or relatives, where, between a sip and a mouthful, you can listen to some good, chilled music.

At Vineria Chaberton you can also take part to wine-tasting experiences. We suggest to book it in advance, as it has limited places. For more info simply contact the reception desk.

Vineria Chaberton... what was missing, we now have!